Begin with Self-Nurturing!
Historic Sites
We will start in the Aswan where the original culture is untouched and see the traditions in daily life. 

Traveling by car and the river Nile we will visit all the places of antiquity.
Sailing on the river and visiting the beach in Alexandria while we get to know the people and truly see our humnanness in one another.

Deep connection with self and humanity brings relxation.
Of course, the core of our tour will center about traditional foods, and will visit local people and eat with a family.

See how simple foods are the most nourishing.

Herbal Traditions
We will complete our workshops on nutrition with a local herbalist who also makes essential oils and even have our own to take home.

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Not only will you heal with the local foods, you will also learn how to nourish effortlessly anywhere anytime.


Each morning that we are in a hotel, I will offer an Essentrics (R) exercise class. This is a unique modalities available to all fitness levels and offers a varieties of stretches.


Clearly in such a spiritual place you will have many opportunities to reframe your perspective and embrace the full-body concept of sweet talk.

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